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7 tips to save money on your next water bill




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Irrigation Sprinkler Timers & Rain Sensors

We recommend Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controllers with Weather Sense Technology. This allows the watering to be predictive where possible.

If there is rain in the forecast the timer will delay the watering until the next scheduled event.

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Sprinkler System Repairs and Installations

We repair and install all sprinkler systems, from the Homeowner to Commercial properties.

Broken sprinkler heads, pipe breaks or leaks, retrofits and conversions.

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Maintenance Services and Wet Checks

To maintain the efficiency of the sprinkler system a maintenance program is recommended. Just 1 broken sprinkler head will waste water and cost $$.

We have 3 maintenance plan levelsmonthly, bimonthly, and quarterly.

Save Water, Save $$$ Guarantee

We Help Save Our Customers Their Valuable Water Resources Using Timed and Sensored Sprinkler Systems. With 36 years of experience in landscaping design and irrigation installations, we stand behind our work and provide 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

If We Cannot Save Water and $$$ Our Service is FREE!