Lawn sprinkler installation, repair and maintenance in Coral Springs, FL

For all of Coral Springs’ sprinklers and irrigation needs, Paradise Sprinklers is there for you! Paradise Sprinklers has worked with this city for decades and will continue to work to help the residents get the greatest results for their lawn. Our founder, John Cross, has been in the business 30 years now and has lead his company with the top supplies from the beginning.

 A community built on friendship and family-friendly atmosphere, as seen with the activities of their Rotary Club, we would love to further contribute to this beautiful city. Coral Springs truly is wonderful, with Money Magazine acknowledging this city as the 27th best city in all of the United States and Moran Quitno Press naming it the 10th safest city in the U.S.       


    • Sprinklers and Irrigation– Water is a necessity to make wholesome green lawn. Even though we live in Florida, we still need the extra help of sprinklers. That’s why Paradise Sprinklers offers sprinkler and irrigation maintenance and installation, to keep your lawn a bright healthy!


If you are currently living in the Coral Springs area and are interested in Paradise Sprinkler services, contact us!

Save Water, Save $$$ Guarantee

We Help Save Our Customers Their Valuable Water Resources Using Timed and Sensored Sprinkler Systems. With 36 years of experience in landscaping design and irrigation installations, we stand behind our work and provide 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

If We Cannot Save Water and $$$ Our Service is FREE!