How Your Lawn is Helping You

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Not only is your lawn a place for you and your family to enjoy or even brag to your neighbors about, but a healthy lawn treatment actually helps the environment.

The Benefits?

Boosts Air Quality

All the dust, smoke, allergens, and other pollutants within the air is actually captured by your grass. So a healthier lawn would mean less breathing in those unhealthy pollutants.

Produces Oxygen

Everyone needs oxygen and just like trees your lawn also produces oxygen. A healthy lawn treatment would significantly help with your family’s daily oxygen needs. Even a 50’ x 50’ is enough to support 4 people.

Clean lakes

Your grass holds the soil naturally with its roots controlling erosion into nearby lakes. If soil were to erode the water would muddy causing algae blooms therefore loss of oxygen, and fish deaths.

Makes you cooler

In urban areas the ground becomes dryer from the infrastructure and therefore the area becomes warmer, known as the heat island effect. 50% of the sunlight’s heat can be eliminated from a yard. A lawn can be cooler than asphalt or concrete by a whole 10 to 14 degrees.

Helps with runoff

Rainwater can turn into a disaster when it becomes stormwater runoff, flooding and generally being a nuisance. Grass can absorb runoff and even slow it down. While it does this the grass is absorbing the pollutants in the water making it less acidic.

Absorbs Greenhouse Gases

Lawns are the one of the best carbon sinks, they remove harmful amounts of carbon dioxide. The amount of carbon taken in by the lawn exceeds the amount of carbon needed to maintain by ten-fold.

Supporting Wildlife

All the different parts of a yard; shrubs, trees, flowers beds, and other plants provide shelter and food for birds and squirrels. The grass itself homes insects like worms, and spiders further supporting the wildlife around.