Mowing and its Perks

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Homeowners can say that they like to take care of their house and its image. It can also be agreed that the first thing that is viewed is the lawn. A beautiful, green lawn is the first good impression the visitor has of the home. So, how can you maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn? Mowing, there are other ways to include, but the main and easiest one is mowing.

Why mowing?

Mowing will help the lawn become stronger, grow evenly, mulch, and reduce risks of an unhealthy lawn. Indeed, mowing is not only about the improvement it can do to the physical appearance of the lawn but also the health benefits it can have to the lawn. Some health benefits could be: how it is a way of cleaning and filtering out certain things in the lawn, it is an assurance of an even distribution of resources, and it is a way in which the lawn is improving and becoming healthier with every trim.

Strengthens and evens out the lawn

With every cut, the weak “shoots” of grass are cut out of the equation and therefore only the strong and healthy ones are kept intact. Therefore, if the grass is constantly cut and kept at a height of three inches, it will cause the lawn to seem brighter and better due to constantly being kept at the strongest point. Remaining consistent with the mowing of your lawn will not only keep it healthy but also assure order. This is because as the grass is cut down to the same point on a regular basis, the resources are evenly spread out which will lead to the lawn growing at a similar rate.

What is mulching and what can it do?

Mulching is the process of returning, to the recently cut lawn, “grass clippings”. These mulched “glass clippings” are beneficial to the lawn when the lawn is constantly mowed. This is because, as stated before, the lawn is healthier; that means that the “mulch” comes from the healthiest type of grass- the shorter blades. The “mulch” is broken down by microorganisms that inhabit the soil which produces nutrients that will be put back in the soil and a better quality lawn can be grown.

A healthier lawn

There are many ways in which a lawn can be fixed and improved in a way that its properties are healthy enough to remain in the best condition. An aspect that is a big benefit of mowing and how it aids the lawn to maintain its best conditions is the fact that a constant mown will lead to fast recovery. It is commonly known that lawns have many types of threats that could risk the condition of the lawn such as weather, disease, and pests. Although all these are almost unavoidable, the lawn can recover quickly and effectively when it is at a good height and condition. The other health benefits of mowing go from more resources reaching all parts of the lawn to keeping pests away due to reducing the surface area of the grass available for the pests to inhabit. All the benefits listed and more are reasons to keep track of the mowing process at home in order to always have a beautiful, strong, even, and healthy lawn.