Sprinkler System Repairs and Installations

We repair and install all sprinkler systems, from the homeowner to commercial properties. 

Most common repairs include broken sprinkler heads, pipe breaks or leaks, retrofits and conversions.


Converting a sprinkler system from a indexing valve to individual electric valves is a great way to save water and $$. This allows for customized water scheduling to specific areas and zones that is not possible with an indexing valve.


Retrofitting sprinkler heads and nozzles allows the lawn and landscape beds to be watered with a consistent and matched precipitation rate that uses less water while providing the areas with the needed water.

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Save Water, Save $$$ Guarantee

We Help Save Our Customers Their Valuable Water Resources Using Timed and Sensored Sprinkler Systems. With 36 years of experience in landscaping design and irrigation installations, we stand behind our work and provide 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

If We Cannot Save Water and $$$ Our Service is FREE!