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Sprinkler installation, repair and maintenance in Weston, FL

If you are looking for a community as a model of efficiency and happiness, Weston, Florida is the place you have been searching for! Here you will find a masterfully planned and family-oriented atmosphere that entices people to visit and convinces many to stay. This is a beautiful community both in terms of its people and its appearance! For more than 5 years, Paradise Sprinklers has had the pleasure of serving Weston, FL, and contributing to the beauty of the city in a small way.


When it comes to lawn care, sprinklers and irrigation, pest control, and tree and shrub care services it is tough to beat Paradise Sprinklers! With close to 30 years of experience from its creator, John Cross, Paradise Sprinklers has brought with it industry-leading services from its inception. Our services are meant to work off of one another to cultivate the lushest yard possible. Learn more about what makes our formula work!

  • Lawn Care – Just mowing and trimming a lawn will not give it that vibrancy many strive for. But with a combination of fertilization, weed control, and disease control your lawn will on the fast track to a healthy look!

  • Sprinklers and Irrigation – There is not lawn around that can flourish without regular watering. That is why we offer sprinkler and irrigation installation and maintenance to ensure the lawns we service are receiving adequate nourishment.


If you live in the Weston, Florida area and are seeking out the lawn of your dreams, contact us!

Save Water, Save $$$ Guarantee

We Help Save Our Customers Their Valuable Water Resources Using Timed and Sensored Sprinkler Systems. With 36 years of experience in landscaping design and irrigation installations, we stand behind our work and provide 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

If We Cannot Save Water and $$$ Our Service is FREE!


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